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Love your family pictures!

Husband, wife, and two daughters walk with arms linked down cement walkway in Tacoma.

Family pictures can be tough.  I grew up in a big family so I know that it can sometimes be like herding cats!  Kids (of all ages!) can be challenging to get make sure they are ready and decent and to the session on time.  But that’s all good.  That is when I take over!  Having been a part of a big family, I am used to the chaos that it can create.  I will work to make sure that chaos is controlled!  We will play some games and have the kids (again- all ages!) help me in getting everyone to enjoy the time.  While I also allocate two hours for the photo session, I know that a lot of time kids are WAY over it before then.  I do my best to make sure we finish fast- before they get bored or hungry.

After the session, I get your pictures back as soon as I can- so you can get them printed and out to those who want them most!  I give you tips on the best places to get them printed and how to do it easiest.  Sometimes technology can be challenging, so I break it down on how to download the pictures.  I also give the option to get prints directly through me.  This gives you two benefits- 1. The prints are really high quality!  I get them from a professional printing shop, which means that the colors pop and the paper looks better.  And 2. It takes the hassle off of you from figuring out the best place to get them printed and get them picked up.  I take care of all the technology and printing for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.  Because if you have a family, I know how valuable time is!

Large family stands together smiling dressed in shades of blue in front of forest

Session Fee


  • Immediate Family
  • Up to two hours
  • Outdoor Sitting (urban or park locations)
  • 15 High Resolution Digital Files
  • Unlimited Personal Use Reprinting Release
  • Online Downloadable Gallery

For families with more than 10 people, please contact for custom quotes.

Contact me for more information!