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Jonathan and Annilea

My sister is married, you guys!  I don’t even know where to start with this post.  It is a cool feeling to be involved in someone’s story for so long.  I was there when she talked with him on the phone for the first time.  I was there when he proposed to her.  I was…
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September 28, 2018 0

Brooks- Sumner 2019 Senior

I have literally never met a guy who actually liked having his pictures taken during a session, especially when it comes to senior guys.  That being said, Brooks did excellent at putting up with my ridiculous prompts during his senior session!  We met up with part of his family, including his grandparents, at a portion…
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September 25, 2018 0

Mikayla- Fife 2019 Senior

As a photographer, sometimes I get some hair-brained ideas about a new idea I want to try and need a model to pull it off.  Mikayla is a fantastic go-to for these!  So it was definitely my honor to be able to do her official senior pictures!  We headed out to Flaming Geyser State Park…
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September 12, 2018 0

Joseph and Caylee

My absolute favorite kind of weddings are the ones where everybody is a close friend or family member and the day is laid back and fun.  This absolutely described Caylee and Joseph’s wedding!  They rented out a lodge as part of the venue for the weekend for people to stay there with them.  I was…
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September 11, 2018 0

Jose and Kylee

Kylee and Jose are two of the nicest and most genuine people I have met.  And I heard that sentiment repeated over and over by all of their friends and family and I have been fortunate enough to experience it for myself!  They met in high school thorough drama club and choir and their first…
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August 29, 2018 0

Chris and Whitney

When you plan a wedding for the middle of August, you except everything to go perfect, even in Washington.  Whitney and Chris planned a beautiful outdoor, backyard wedding for their big day.  Unfortunately, being Washington, the rain decided to show itself about an hour before the ceremony was set to start.  While the guests and…
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August 23, 2018 0

Matt and Sarah

Ten years, two kids, and several animals later, my cousin is celebrating her 10th anniversary with her significant other!  Sarah and Matt are so sweet together.  Matt, like most other men I have worked with, wasn’t too thrilled with getting pictures taken.  But he was gracious enough to play along with us and the results…
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August 14, 2018 0

My and Cuong

I love going to different weddings and seeing the traditions that the bride and groom bring to their big day.  In this case, almost every part of it was new to me!  My and Cuong’s wedding was the first traditional Vietnamese wedding that I have attended.  I love learning about new cultures, so it was…
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August 14, 2018 0

Piatek Family

I love my family and extended family!  So it was with great enthusiasm that I got to visit my Aunt and her family for a weekend to take family pictures in Oregon.  Earlier I explained that my family has a homestead outside of Tillamook in Oregon that we get to visit.  This summer, my aunt…
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August 7, 2018 0

Family Reunion 2018

Every year on the last weekend in July my family gets together for our family reunion.  This is a special thing in our family, as we have been doing this for 49 years!  Five generations ago, my great-great-great-great grandparents settled in the Tillamook forest area.  They were the second family to have a homestead there! …
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August 2, 2018 0