About Me - Liebe Photography by Jennifer Mitchell

About Me

Jennifer Mitchell

I got into photography several years ago when I started doing my younger sister’s senior pictures. When I went to college at Central Washington University, I jumped into photography with a mentor and have not looked back. I love the idea of capturing an authentic moment in time for people to remember forever and I love seeing the beauty in the world around us.

So why “Liebe Photography”? “Liebe” (Lee-bay) means “love” in German. It captures a little bit of my wanderlust and my love of the craft. Truly, I love to travel and I love to take pictures!
Outside of photography, I have my Masters of Education in Higher Education and work full time at the University of Washington Tacoma. I love helping students achieve their dreams, especially ones coming back to school later in life. Additionally, I run a tie-dye business! You can see more of my work on my Etsy site.  I love color and I love the uniqueness each design brings. At home, I love spending time with my husband and our four pets (two dogs and two cats!). My favorite thing is to come home and watch Netflix while I edit pictures for my clients.

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Jennifer stands on rocks next to a river wearing a black skirt with flowers and a purple shirt.