Carli and Tyler - Liebe Photography by Jennifer Mitchell

Liebe Photography

Carli and Tyler

February 2, 2020
Black and white picture of a silhouette of an engaged couple kissing in a forest.

Carli and Tyler have the model look and it definitely showed during their engagement pictures! We ventured up to close to Crystal Mountain and trekked through the snow and to a river and through the forest. It was well worth it! The snow was absolutely perfect for the session.

I am so excited for their wedding later this year. I am sure that if it is as wonderful as their engagement session, it will be a beautiful event!

Man and fiancee stand in the middle of a snowy forest and look at the camera seriously
Two black and white pictures of man and fiancee- one close up of him kissing her hand and the other of them dancing under a tree in front of a river.
Man and fiance stand on snowy stump in front of tall, dark pine forest
Four pictures of man and fiancee kissing and looking at each other in a snowy forest and river bank.
Three pictures of man and fiance in snowy forest


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