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My Favorite Photo Locations

September 20, 2019
Man stands on downtown Tacoma street against a dilapidated building.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have so many options for photo locations!  It is hard to go someplace that does not lend itself to a good backdrop.  That being said, I have a few standout locations that are my favorite places to go in the South Sound/greater Tacoma area.

Downtown Tacoma

Downtown Tacoma has so many places to take pictures!  There are parks, old buildings, new buildings, and lots of little places in small areas.  It is a great place for a view of iconic local landmarks, as well as some areas with interesting textures and shapes.  It is also a great area to go if it is raining, as there are many places with overhangs and shelters to still have a session without getting soaked.

Bride and Groom kiss in front of Tacoma bridge during blue hour

Flaming Geyser State Park

This state park has it all for a wilderness session- a river, forest, and open field.  It is more out of the way, so the area often is quite open for pictures without lots of other people.  It makes for a great park to hang out at after your session is done to have a picnic or take a hike! Please note, this is a Washington State Park, so there is a $10 usage fee for the day.

Senior girl in white floral dress stands on rocky edge of river in sunny day.

Fort Steilacoom Park

Fort Steilacoom Park is a park you can’t go wrong in.  From cement ruins and big red barns, to forests, to giant grassy fields with beautiful views, this park is a great place to have any kind of session.  It is relatively easy to get to and find a place that matches your personality. Because it is so great for pictures though, it tends to get quite busy and can be crowded in the best areas.

Pregnant woman stands with foot propped up looking to the side.

Owen Beach

If you are dying for a view of the Puget Sound in your pictures, Owen Beach is the place to go.  Located inside Point Defiance Park, this beach is nestled up against a forest, making for a great wilderness look as well.  The beach itself is a pebble beach covered with driftwood logs. In the evenings, the sun goes down behind the giant hill of the park, making it easier to avoid harsh light, but still be bright from the reflection of the water.

Engaged couple walks away along a gravel beach next to the Puget Sound in Tacoma

Point Defiance Rose Garden

Along with Owen Beach, Point Defiance Park also has an amazing rose and dahlia garden!  This beautifully manicured section of the park is bright and colorful during the summer.  It is situated next to a pond with a cute wooden bridge and several pine trees. Being right at the front entrance to the park, it is easy to find and get to, while still having the advantage of being relatively close to Downtown Tacoma or Owen Beach for a separate location.

Senior girl in black shirt and ripped skinny jeans sits cross legged between rose bushes.


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