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Senior Session Tips

September 5, 2019
Senior boy sits against fence post wearing jeans and grey sweatshirt.

You’ve booked your senior session and now you have to get ready for it!  It can be intimidating to try to figure out the best way to present who you are for your pictures.  Here are some tips to help you look your best!

Avoid Neon or Red Colors

Bright colors and red tend to be overwhelming in pictures.  Super neon colors tend to stand out and not blend or match the background, which makes it look garish.  And if you put red in a field of green, it is going to look like Christmas and there isn’t really a good way to get around that.  Gentle, rich, or pastel colors are always encouraged.

Teen girl looking up at the trees with leather jacket and blue scarf

Patterns are Ok- Sometimes

A lot of times you will hear that solid colors are always preferred.  However, some patterns can be a safe bet as well. As long as they are not too busy, patterns are not distracting and can add to the picture instead.  Stripes, plaids, polka dots, etc., are all good choices.

Bring at Least Two Outfits, or Even 3 or 4

You are going to get the most mileage out of your session if you have multiple outfits to wear.  You will want to bring something comfortable and familiar, like jeans and a t-shirt. Additionally, you will want something in between.  For guys, that might mean a polo or dress shirt over jeans. For girls, a romper or jeans and a blouse are great. Finally, you will want something more formal.  Dresses or sports jackets are both recommended choices.

black and white of senior boy with football helmet on holding football at chest height in front of empty stadium.

No Strapless or Spaghetti Straps

While sleeveless or wider strapped shirts are great, spaghetti straps and sleeveless outfits tend to accentuate wide shoulders.  Additionally, most of the time senior sessions are being held later in the season when you have been able to spend some time outside.  Unfortunately, this tends to mean a lot of odd tan lines. Wearing a shirt that covers that up will be extremely helpful. And finally, wearing a strapless dress can have some unintended side effects.  We don’t want to be limited in posing to make sure you don’t appear naked in the pictures!

Don’t Follow Trends

While graphic tees and hi-low dresses may look good now, take a look at your parent’s yearbook.  They had their own trends of their day as well. The best bet is to wear something that is timeless.  White button ups, flannel shirts, plain dresses, etc., make for great outfits for your pictures.  If you are more comfortable in it, you are more than welcome to bring your favorite current outfit!

Girl stands in front of green grass and dirt paths with the sun behind making her hair glow.

Bring Props

Do you play football?  I want to see a jersey, helmet, football, etc.  Band? I definitely want you to bring your instrument.  Are you a painter, drawer, or photographer? Bring your medium!  Not really into any sports or extracurriculars, but you do have a dog?  I definitely want you to bring them. And props don’t have to be anything huge too.  Bring a couple of your favorite books or a few pieces of a collection. We want to see you in your pictures!

Wear Your Glasses, But…

If you wear your glasses on a daily basis now, we definitely want you to wear them for your pictures too.  That being said, glass lenses tend to have some nasty glare on them and those with transition lenses will be darkened and make it impossible to see your eyes.  There are a couple ways to get around that. First, you can always borrow or buy a pair of prop glasses that are similar to yours and pop out the lenses. The other option would be to speak to your optometrist about taking the glass out of your own frames for your session.  If asked in advance and planned, this is often a good option.

Remember the Details

Nails:  Guys! Make sure your fingernails are clean and clipped.  Girls, make sure that your polish is new and not chipped or that your nails are clean.

Wrinkles:  Every wrinkle will show up in your pictures.  If your shirt looks like it was stuffed in a drawer, you should probably pull it out and iron it before your session.

Jewelry:  Necklaces, earrings, etc., should all be tasteful and not over sized.  Statement pieces, while fun, can be distracting from you

Clean shaven:  Guys, make sure your beard is shaved or trimmed.  Girls, if it is your thing, make sure your armpits and legs are both freshly shaved.  There may be poses that require you to lift your arms up over your head.

Blond girl wearing burnt orange shirt with grey cardigan stands in front of grey fence while looking away


There are some key points to remember when putting your makeup on for the session.  The first, is to keep it natural. Don’t go crazy but do have something pop! It is fun to do a bright lipstick or some dramatic eye shadow.  I recommend only doing one thing though, or it will all start to clash together. Additionally, when you are putting your makeup on, it is definitely recommended that you use powders, rather than creams for your foundation and everything else.  This will cut down on shiny or oily spots showing up in your pictures. Finally, I suggest making sure your lips are moisturized. My favorite low-tech way to do this is to use vaseline on your lips at night before you go to bed. It sounds weird, but works really well!

No Spray Tans!

If you do not go tanning or use spray tans regularly, please do not do so this time!  Fake tans tend to be extremely obvious in pictures- often turning you orange. Orange is not a good color for skin!


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