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My Top 10 Favorite Shots Thus Far

August 28, 2019
Seattle Bride and groom sit in the front of a boat together on the Puget Sound outside of Seattle

The number of pictures I have take numbers in the tens of thousands. Between personal pictures, weddings, families, portraits, and traveling, I have taken way more pictures than I even truly know what to do with! I decided to sort through them and find my top 10 favorite pictures. It was ridiculous hard to narrow down! I have had the highest pleasure of working with the best people throughout my career!

10. Shea and Jeffrey

These two were all giggles for their family session! It was a lot of fun to take pictures with them.

9. Wes as the Dread Pirate Roberts

This Halloween wedding was a great opportunity to have some fun with light in the rain! Wes, the groom, was dressed as the Dread Pirate Roberts. We made our way to the rooftop of the venue and managed to take this awesome picture.

Groom dressed as The Dread Pirate Roberts stands in front of view with rain lit up around.

8. The Parsons Family

It isn’t every day that you get to spend a session hanging out with the coolest family in the area! This one was all smiles for the session and this is just one of the pictures that I love!

7. Rebekah

My sister has been a wonderful, willing model in several different photo shoots with me. But hands down, this picture is my favorite from all of them! We ventured out to the snow of Crystal Mountain with her prom dress. It was everything I could have hoped for!

Teen girl walks down snowy bump in forest with snow

6. Jonathan and Annilea

Of course a picture from my sister’s wedding had to make the list! And this particular one makes my heart happy. I love how intimate it is, without being overly so. It is very much just them in a moment together.

Bride and groom sit next to each other and lean in together on outdoor stairs.

5. Chris and Whitney

The forecast called for both rain and sun for Chris and Whitney’s wedding day. Not out of the norm for a Washington wedding, for sure. We definitely got both! While we were waiting for the sunshine to appear for their outdoor ceremony, we made the best use of the rain as we could!

4. My and Cuong

The Volunteer Park Observatory is a beautiful location, inside and out. It was an excellent place to do some portraits after My and Cuong’s wedding ceremony! It was a perfect summer day and this shot lined up just perfectly.

3. Tessa and Hayley

While this picture doesn’t show it, Tessa and Hayley had their wedding at a venue on the Puget Sound. This particular picture was taken under a pier close by. While I wasn’t sure initially what this picture would turn out like, the lighting and shadows aligned to make this one of my absolute favorites!

Black and white picture of two brides face each other with foreheads together and laugh.

2. Sam

I know, I know. Having the cutest dog ever is kind of cheating when it comes to getting great pictures. But he is actually really hard to photograph, since he hardly ever stops moving. This past winter, I wanted to see what I could do with the snow with him in a picture. This was the end result and it is my favorite picture of him ever.

Golden retriever lays in snow with ball in washington

1. Joseph and Caylee

This picture is everything I could have hope for and more. These two were so much fun to work with on their wedding day. I just love the exuberance and love they showed for each other. It came across in all their pictures and made their day just much more fun.


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