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Bride and bridesmaids hold bouquets together

5 More Wedding Traditions and Their History

There are so many wedding traditions that we do without thinking twice about. Here is your opportunity to learn more about the things we do and see when weddings happen today! Bridal Bouquet Bridal bouquets are an amazing accessory to every bride’s day.  They are colorful, fragrant, or personalized with something sentimental to the bride. …
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July 24, 2019 0
Groom and Bride stand together in manicured lawn garden and kiss during first look.

5 Wedding Traditions and Their History

Weddings have been happening for centuries, which means that a heck of a lot of traditions have come and gone and come back again. Where did some of our current traditions begin? Keep reading to find out! Seeing the Bride at the Ceremony Every bride looks forward to seeing her groom at the end of…
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July 17, 2019 0

McNeany Maternity Session

Maternity Sessions are always so much fun! Mama’s are always glowing and happy, even when it is so close to their due date. Ashley and Kyle were exactly that way for their session! Both were really excited for their first little girl to come. The session was reflective of them- sweet, expressive, and just a…
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Large family of three generations stands together and laughs

Cozzie Family

Extended family pictures can quickly turn in to nightmares. Kids aren’t fans of sitting still. Siblings don’t always get along. Parents can get frustrated. But the Cozzie family was the exact opposite of all of that! It was a pleasure to be a part of their family session in Portland. Their extended family included Mom…
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