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Snow Days

March 21, 2019
Golden Retriever runs with a large stick in a deep snowy backyard

This winter, we got a heck of a lot of snow! Normally here in Washington, we might get one or two quick snow days, but this time we were out for almost a week, including the weekends. Our city just kind of shut down for a few days. The local school districts even got days off waived because a state of emergency was declared! While it was crazy, the snow was also super cool and fun. We have two dogs that are crazy about the snow. They are all in when we go outside. We are fortunate to live close to a couple of grocery stores. Because of that, we were able to walk over and grab what we needed as we needed it. They were amazing at keeping almost everything stocked and the workers were all super nice. It helps to live in a semi-small town! Watching Seattle and Tacoma get buried was different, but was still an interesting way to break up an otherwise dull winter.

In between all the time of sitting at home watching TV (I went through, like, 3 full shows on Netflix and Hulu), coloring (I am kind of a fan of meditative coloring books!), and baking, I got to take a lot of cool personal pictures. So here they are!

Golden retriever lays in snow with ball in washington
Golden dog stands on snowy porch in washington
golden retriever sits in snow with ball in front of a house covered in snow
golden dog stands at alert in deep Washington snow
Man walks along an icy road with deep snow along the edges
Deep snow threatens to fall off the railing of a porch with Christmas lights


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