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Bekah in the Snow

January 24, 2019
Portrait of teen girl looking up with grey beanie

I really have to hand it to my sister. She really is awesome at putting up with my hair-brained ideas- like taking her and her prom dress out into the mountains to take pictures in the snow. Bekah joined myself and another couple as my assistant and other model. From the moment I saw her prom dress, I knew I wanted to get out to the snow and forest.

But for real, Bekah has become a really fantastic model for me. She has gotten good at figuring out what kind of picture I am going for and being patient when I try to do new things and switch things up. This time I got to work on my off camera flash setup and how I can use it outside for regular pictures. With her dress and the snow, I love the results.

Teen girl stands in snow with hands in pockets
Teen girl walks in snow with hands in pockets while laughing
Red ballroom prom dress hangs on tree in forest with snow
Teen girl in red prom dress stands in snow while swishing skirt
Teen girl walks down snowy bump in forest with snow
Teen girl stands under snowy tree with red prom dress and black leather jacket
Portrait of teen girl with leather jacket, blue scarf, and grey beanie.
Teen girl looking up at the trees with leather jacket and blue scarf

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