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Wes and Chelsea

November 13, 2018

Wes and Chelsea’s wedding was unlike any other I have ever seen!  Their Halloween themed day was full of all kinds of details that just made the entire wedding fantastic.  Wes is a good friend of my husband’s, which made the day even cooler.  I got to hang out with him and all his friends, whom I have gotten to know fairly well over the years we have been together.  So to get to see them in this context was a lot of fun!

Back in the past, Chelsea and Wes met through her mom.  Wes knew the difference between a dragon and a wyvern (the biggest being that dragons have four legs and wyvern’s have two, among other things).  After they became friends on Facebook, it took another few weeks to actually get the conversation going.  But once they started talking, they haven’t stopped!  They moved in together and, after getting his grandmother’s ring resized, proposed to Chelsea…. in the shower.

For the wedding day, they had some really cool elements.  The bridesmaids were all various forms of witches, and all looked fantastic!  The groomsmen were all pirates and all had their individual touches.  The bride’s parents were Maleficent and Gandalf and the groom’s parent’s were Hagrid and Professor Sprout.  And oh my goodness!  Their costumes were incredible!  Plus, there were skeletons everywhere!  Chelsea had met a lady that celebrated Day of the Dead every year and completely decked out her place.  But since she was redoing her theme, Chelsea got a a screaming deal on them.  And now they have enough Halloween decorations to last a lifetime!


Venue: The Vintage Grand

Cakes, Cupcakes, and Caramel Apples: Safeway

Second Shooter: Ian Codilla

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