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Brooks- Sumner 2019 Senior

September 25, 2018

I have literally never met a guy who actually liked having his pictures taken during a session, especially when it comes to senior guys.  That being said, Brooks did excellent at putting up with my ridiculous prompts during his senior session!  We met up with part of his family, including his grandparents, at a portion of the Riverwalk Trail in Puyallup.  Even though it was super windy, it turned out to be a nice day!  When done there, we headed over to Sumner High School to take pictures in the stadium.  Brooks is a varsity football player, so of course we had to get on to the field.  Thankfully, the soccer game that was currently happening ended shortly and we were able to get some pictures with the storm clouds behind us.  And we finished just in time!  As we were getting in our cars, it started absolutely DOWN POURING!  We definitely got lucky!

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