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Joseph and Caylee

September 11, 2018

My absolute favorite kind of weddings are the ones where everybody is a close friend or family member and the day is laid back and fun.  This absolutely described Caylee and Joseph’s wedding!  They rented out a lodge as part of the venue for the weekend for people to stay there with them.  I was able to spend the night the night before and then spend the entire day with them and their guests.  It was fun to see everything happen, from beginning to end!  Many times I arrive at a wedding as things are starting to swing into gear.  This time, I was there to help make and eat breakfast, get the bouquets made, and watch the venue come alive.  The entire place is gorgeous!  No cell phone service made for a more peaceful day for sure.  The forest was lovely, and although the north was dealing with smoke from the wildfires that day, there was none to be had there.

This wedding was also unique in that it was actually Caylee and Joseph’s first anniversary!  Having eloped exactly a year before, this was their big celebration for all their family and friends.  This truly made their interactions that much sweeter.  The chemistry between the two of them was beautiful!  There were plenty of happy tears to go around, as well as smiles and laughs.

An unexpected part of the evening came when it was learned that a groomsman had parents that did fire-breathing!  As the evening grew darker, the wedding moved out to a more open part of the venue to watch the groomsman and his mom talk about and demonstrate some of their skills.  It is definitely the first wedding I have been to that had that!

Venue: Anderson Lodge

Second Photographer: Tiffany Rude Photography


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