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Chris and Whitney

August 23, 2018

When you plan a wedding for the middle of August, you except everything to go perfect, even in Washington.  Whitney and Chris planned a beautiful outdoor, backyard wedding for their big day.  Unfortunately, being Washington, the rain decided to show itself about an hour before the ceremony was set to start.  While the guests and bridal party were waiting for the rain to end, there was a lot of watching weather forecasts and fellowship with those there.  In the backyard, they were fortunate enough to have a giant tent for the reception area, as well as a bonfire to keep people warm.  Their sunflower theme made for a bright and cheerful setting, despite the weather.

Suddenly there was a break in the clouds and the sun shone through!  An amazing group of people grabbed a large amount of towels and made sure that all of the seats were dry.  Everyone scrambled into the sun and the ceremony began.  Following the ceremony, there was dinner, catered by The Spaghetti Factory. Toasts were given and the cake, made by her aunt and uncle, was cut.  The rain held out all the way until the end, when the bride and groom were to leave.  As an interesting twist to the evening, the groom’s police father handcuffed them together and put them in the back of his police car.  Just as they got inside, the rain started to pour again, book-ending a wonderful day.

Venue: Bride’s Family’s back yard

Second Shooter: Ian Codilla

Flowers: Farmer’s Market

DJ: Steve Peretti

Catering: The Old Spaghetti Factory

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