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Prom on the Beach

June 13, 2018

I had to promise my sister that these pictures would not show up until AFTER her senior prom.  Totally understandable, but I am so excited to share these pictures now!  Over Memorial Day weekend, my sister and I went with our family to Cape Lookout State Park in Oregon.  It is one of favorite vacation places to go and definitely a tradition to spend at least one weekend a year in that area!  This time, being so close to prom and graduation, I asked my sister how she would feel about bringing her prom dress with her for some pictures.  Thank goodness she said yes!  The first time I saw her dress I was in love.  It is just gorgeous!  I knew that we had to get out to either the beach or the mountains to take pictures.

Of course, bringing a giant prom dress to a crowded beach is easier said than done.  We had to make sure to keep it clean (since this was before prom) and somehow get her down from the picnic area to the actual beach area.  This meant climbing precariously down a slope of large rocks.  She took it completely in stride.  Obviously we got a lot of weird looks, but we both decided that it was totally worth it.  It helps to carry a big camera!  There are a lot more understanding looks when people realize that it is part of a photo shoot.

I am so glad we decided to take these!  I had a wonderful time and am already scheming about how to take more (probably much to her chagrin!)

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