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Bekah’s Graduation

June 11, 2018

This year my youngest sister graduates with both her AA degree and her high school diploma!  I got to see the high school graduation last week in Centralia and it made me so proud.  She had a solo at graduation with her choir’s special performance!  It was beautiful and it definitely made me cry.

But before all that happened, we took a family vacation over Memorial Day weekend down to the Oregon coast, outside of Tillamook.  We both decided it would be a great time to do some cap and gown pictures!  The day was perfect- both at the coast and at our family’s cabins.  One of the special pictures here is at my grandpa’s cabin.  My grandpa passed away last year and my sister is the only one out of all our cousins who was not able to invite him to watch her graduate.  Bittersweet, but we know he would be proud.  I know I am!

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