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Elise – Fife 2019 Senior

May 14, 2018

I love senior season!  Today’s post is all about Elise.  This girl is the oldest with two younger brothers to drive her crazy, which I have definitely witnessed when photographing the family before!  Work and school keep her pretty busy, but she does love to hang out with her friends.  Her ideal Saturday would be just that!  She would love to just hang out with them for a picnic in a field of flowers, which sounds pretty excellent to me.  With the exception of this part of being outside, she much prefers to be watching the weather from the inside.  When she graduates, she is hoping to get to college with the eventual goal of getting her MBA.

For Elise’s session, we went to Point Defiance Park, where we got lucky with the weather and the flowers!  While the roses are not quite in bloom, we hit the peak of the rhododendron season, which was perfect.  Although busy around the park, it still ended up being perfect for a session.  It was a lot of fun!

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