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Liebe Photography

Jose and Kylee

April 30, 2018

It makes my heart happy when I get to photograph high school sweethearts.  And that is exactly what Jose and Kylee are!  Their first real date was at their junior prom, which is definitely a story they will be telling their kids someday.  During their session I had them recreate that dance for me… as well as practice their first dance, which is considerably more comfortable!  We had a great time with a lot of laughs. And turns out that they actually attend the same school that I work at!  (Go Huskies!) and both of them are graduating this year.  That deserves a congratulations all unto its own.  Midterms, finals, graduation AND wedding planning?  Oh my gosh!

Our session location, Owen Beach at Point Defiance Park, was gorgeous.  Thank goodness the weather has been absolutely amazing!  Getting there was a story in and of itself, as original place we were going to meet had been unexpectedly closed off that day for construction!  But that is ok, as we ended up in a beautiful area anyway.

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