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Steen and Gaby

February 22, 2018

Every once in awhile I get a hankering to take pictures of people, especially when it is winter and I haven’t taken any for awhile.  Thank goodness for Steen and Gaby!  We got together on a Saturday in search of some snow for their maternity pictures.  This has been an unusually warm year here in Western Washington, but I knew that there had to be some somewhere!  While I had originally been planning to head up to Snoqualmie Pass, the day called for rain in that area.  Bummer!  So we made a last minute switch to head up to Crystal Mountain to see what we could find.  And we lucked out!  While we had to go almost all the way up to the top to get a good amount of snow, we stopped several times along the way and I am really glad we did.

This is the first child for Steen and Gaby and they are super excited!  I work with Gaby at my day job and she is so much fun to be around.  She is always happy and nice to everyone.  Both her and Steen are homebodies that love to stay in rather than go out.  They are my people!  I am all about a night in, watching Netflix with my husband.

But seriously, thank you to both for braving the cold and possible lack of snow with me!

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