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Williamson Family

December 27, 2017

December can be tricky to do pictures.  Up in Edgewood and Milton, the weather was cold, but manageable.  The Williamson family and I figured we definitely could do a family session in the current weather.  Then we got down to Fort Steilacoom park and the weather was completely different!  The wind was crazy strong and super cold.  But we weathered the elements, so to speak!

Paul, Jennifer, Preston, and Tahlia were a lot of fun to take pictures with.  They were all dressed up in excellent winter sweaters and even brought candy canes for the session! I know this wonderful family from church.  Tahlia is one of the drummers of our band and Paul helps out with the lighting team for services.

And Fort Steilacoom was the perfect spot for it, minus the cold wind.  The barns and fields are always a great place!

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