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Ten Wedding Tips- Take Two

November 27, 2017

A few months ago I wrote a blog post with wedding tips for you!  But I have seen more and have heard more tips and want to make sure you know all you need to know for planning your wedding, as well as the big day. After all, sometimes it can take a community to pull off such an event!  But know that your wedding vendors are here to take care of you and can help out in a lot of different ways!  If you have questions about anything, chances are they have probably seen it and can answer for you, especially the vendors that are with you the day of, such as the wedding coordinator, DJ, and photographer.  We love what we do and we do it for you!  So without further ado, here are 10 more wedding tips for you:

Three pictures of a bride and groom taking pictures in downtown Tacoma Washington

1. Prioritize what is important to you

Budgets are hard and weddings are expensive! But figuring out what your priorities are is a great step in designating your money. Are you all about food? Want your reception to be rocking out to the best DJ? Want your memories to last a lifetime? Your biggest wishes for the day will lead you where you want to go. But remember- you can’t have it all. If you do want that show-stopping cake, you may need to get invitations that are a step down than what you may have had in mind.

2. Google docs is your new best friend!

Google docs is seriously the best thing for helping to get everyone on board with the vision for your day! Because it can be shared and updated by multiple people, everyone can know what is going on in your head to make your day come alive. You can stick links in there for examples of what you are looking for and use Google Sheets to make seating charts without the need for a giant poster board.

Flowing wedding gown with lots of tule hangs from the branches of a large tree

3. Have someone designated for taking things home

When the event is done and you and your husband have taken off for the hills, there still needs to be someone to clean up and take everything home. Make sure you have a designated point person who knows where things are going- all your gifts, decorations, and even your dress, if need be. Are they going to your parents? Your new home? Your friend’s home? Somebody besides you needs to know that.

4. Know your shoes before the big day

You don’t want to get to your biggest day and fall down walking down the aisle because you do not regularly wear heels. The next worst thing is to get to your reception and hardly be able to walk because your feet hurt so bad! Take some time to walk around the house and get used to your shoes. Maybe you need to know where to put a bandaid where it rubs the worst. That is totally ok!

Mother of bride talks to bride while getting ready for the wedding

5. Make a plan for the morning of

Grooms and groomsmen are always done much faster than the bridal party! A lack of makeup and hair-dos will do that. But that means they can definitely help out with little things. But make sure you go over with them exactly what needs done and by when. One of my favorite things I have seen was a timeline with to-dos printed out and taped up around the facility where everybody was getting ready. It was the best! Everyone knew where they were supposed to be and what they needed to be doing at any given time.

6. Storage and transportation plan to get things there

Remember that you need to get everything to the venue. You are going to be getting ready all morning, so there needs to be somebody ready to get the venue and reception area set up.  They should know what you want it to look like!  Consider setting up a sample mock table ahead of time for them to show what your ideas are.  Lots of venues will not let you into the building until the morning of, so it often has to wait until then. Remember that this can not be your bridesmaids, and maybe not your immediate family either, as they are often getting ready with you.

Washington Groom stands in front of wood log wall adjusting his bowtie

7. Designate a go-to person

While you are getting ready, you want to be focused on you! You want to be relaxed and enjoying your big day. But there are going to be a lot of people around that have no idea what you want them to do and what you have envisioned for the day. Get together with your go-to person before everything gets busy and let them know what your thoughts are. When is the caterer arriving? Where do the flowers go? What is going on the head table? They should be able to answer these questions or know who to ask besides you, as much as possible. This is easily solved by having a wedding coordinator, or at least a day-of coordinator. However, I highly recommend having one!

8. Wear a dress shirt while getting ready

Just a small detail, but something very helpful! When you are getting your hair and makeup all done, it is best to be wearing a button-up dress shirt. That way you do not have to pull a shirt up and over all the hard work!  Consider getting matching ones for your bridal party for you all to match while you are getting ready.

Portland bride and groom cut three tier, white wedding cake

9. Be careful with alcohol.

Alcohol can be fun, for sure! But this is your big day! You want to be able to remember at least some of it. Feel free to enjoy drinking, but remember that you probably haven’t eaten much and are a little nervous and excited. Alcohol is going to get you a little bit more tipsy a little faster than normal. Be sure you are drinking a full glass of water between every drink- and that goes for the reception as well! And besides yourself, make sure your wedding party is clear on your expectations. You don’t want your best friends getting sloppy drunk in front of your Great Aunt Myrtle!

10. Be true to you!

Remember that this day is all about you and your partner! It is so easy these days to find unique, themed wedding ideas.  If you guys don’t like a “tradition” you can change it! Incorporate details that are all about you. You want to show all your family and friends who you are and what you love. Some of my favorite parts of a wedding are a poem about the two of you, or unique centerpieces, or a special dance with your favorite song. Make this about you and enjoy it!

Bride looks at groom with big smile and showing off her right while grooms looks at camera.


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