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Favorite Locations for Engagement Shoots

July 11, 2017
Engaged couple sits on blanket in straw field in Fort Steilacoom park

Now that the weather is warming up, it is time to be getting out and getting your engagement pictures done! Here in the Northwest, there are a plethora of amazing locations, depending on your style. Do you prefer urban or rural? Manicured or wild?  Whatever your fancy is, there is a place for it! Here are a few suggestions of my own:

City- Downtown Tacoma

You don’t have to go to Tacoma to get that urban feel! Downtown Tacoma gives much more than just the Museum of Glass area and the graffiti garages. Check out the Broadway Plaza, where the Broadway Farmer’s Market is held during the summer.  With a beautiful walkway into a parking garage and stone and brick walls all over the place, there is no end of places for your portraits.

Married couple goes in for kiss under parking walkway.
Married couple walks hand in hand together in front of stone wall

Another great area in Tacoma is the Fireman’s Park, which runs along the edge of the city above the I-705. It offers wonderful views of the sound and Mount Rainier!

Married couple sits on wood steps in park.

Rural- Fort Steilacoom Park

Looking for a beautiful park with a wide range of options? Fort Steilacoom Park gives several! From barns that give an old farm feel, to fields of grass and bits of forest to bring in that rural side, this park is a great place to have a session.  With such a large area, it is easy to have a private session feel in the middle of the city.  And it is not too far from Tacoma, which makes it a great place to have an evening golden hour session!

Engaged couple walks hand in hand down dirt road at Fort Steilacoom Park
Engaged couple sits on tree branch and kisses in Fort Steilacoom Park
Engaged couple kiss against barn in Fort Steilacoom park.

Summer Adventure- Mount Rainier Park

So many locations to choose from here! The Grove of the Patriarchs is one of my favorites. Although often busy, it provides great cover during the summer heat. The river is a gorgeous shade of blue and the trails through the area provide ample opportunities for shots in the trees.  It is definitely worth getting here early though!  Mount Rainier is often full of people throughout the day and it can be hard to get into the park, let alone find parking.  Plus, you want a lot of good light, as the trail and river are darker because of the trees.

Want a little more of a landscape? Step right outside the park to Suntop Lookout. Not marked on most maps, and requiring either a strenuous hike or an eight mile, uphill, dirt road drive, this location has amazing views of valleys to either side and, on a clear day, a view of Mount Rainier.  This is one you want to get to in the evening!  It overlooks the valleys of Mount Rainier National Park, as well as the mountain itself.  On a clear day (or even a not so clear one!) the sunset is absolutely amazing to watch.  It can be a little busy, but this one is unmarked enough that you can usually be here to take pictures without an issue.

Engaged couple kisses in front of valley with light in front of tacoma wedding photographer
Engaged couple sits in front of valley with light in front of tacoma wedding photographer
Couple stands in front of tacoma photographer in front of Mount Rainier

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