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Why You Should Get Prints of Your Pictures

July 5, 2017

I recently was tasked with going through pictures to put together a collage for my grandpa’s memorial.  It was an interesting endeavor and took me through years of memories from both him and many others.  There were Polaroids of my aunts and uncles as they traveled across the United States in the summers.  There were little wallet-size head shots of his yearbook photos, both from when he was in school and again when he was a teacher.  There were pictures of him and his students with him as a bus driver and as a mentor.  When I put a call out to people for pictures of him, very few digital versions came in.  It was mostly paper versions they had in picture books and albums.  Sitting in front of all these pictures was fascinating to me.  I loved going through an entire life that I was only blessed to be a small part of.  Had he been young during these days though, would I have had these pictures?  Would I have been able to find all these things about him and learn more than I ever had before?  Probably not, as today, most people only have their pictures as digital versions.  Want more reasons to print out your pictures? Check these out:

    • You never get to go through them when they are stuck on the computer.
      • When was the last time you decided to look through all of the pictures you have on your phone or computer?  How many years’ worth of photos do you have store there?  If you are anything like my family, we have TONS of pictures on there that we have no prints of anywhere else.  I,  myself, am working on getting better at getting prints of my personal pictures!  As soon as I am done with a trip or event, I work to pick my favorite pictures and get get them into an album of some kind, even if it is a cheap one from online.Two year old girl wearing pink and grey dress standing on asphalt walkway.
  • They are harder to show to guests and family members on the computer than when they are in an album.
    • So if you never go through the pictures on your computer, how often do you show others your pictures that you have stuck on there?  What is the point of having these memories if you never get to share them with others?  Printing them out and having them in a photo album or photo book allows you to share your special moments with your friends and family when you meet with them. Plus, these are a great way to make sure your elderly relatives and friends are able to see the pictures easier!
    • Facebook kills quality
      • Want to have pictures that look amazing when you do print them?  Here is a reminder that using Facebook as storage is not a good way to keep them!  A lot of printing services will pull from Facebook these days and these pictures simply do not have the same caliber of quality to them.  Don’t trust Facebook to keep your pictures safe!  Get high quality prints of them and store your original digitals in a separate place.Bride's father and bride's daughter asleep after reception
  • They are a physical reminder on walls of memories and good times.
    • Finally, why should you print your pictures out?  Because how awesome is it to be able to be reminded of past sweet times every time you see it?  In my home I have a wall devoted to canvases of pictures I have taken from the trips my husband and I have taken.  I get to remember these trips every time I see them!  And if you have a photography session done, you can remember that moment in your life forever.  You and those with you will never be the same as how you were right then.  Why not preserve that moment?

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