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We Will Get Pictures Taken When….

June 21, 2017

It is interesting how trends in topics of conversations tend to happen.  In the past few days I have been in several different circumstances where we talked about getting family pictures.  Each time, they said the same thing- they will get family pictures when… and each one said something different.  When their significant other is ready.  When they have lost some weight.  When they feel better about themselves.  Here is the thing though, we often put off too many things because of our “some day.”  The problem is, it means those that we love are missing out.

Family with two teenage girls walk with linked arms, laughing, along a cement walkway in Tacoma

One person I spoke to said that they would love to get family pictures, but her husband hates to have pictures taken of himself.  Because they never have professional ones done, they end up just snapping quick shots of him when they can grab them, which means he is making weird faces!  Just imagine, all the pictures that his children and grandchildren will have to remember him by are these one-off pictures that are all goofy or him looking annoyed.

Another person is adamant that they would like to lose weight before they get good pictures done.  It is definitely an admirable goal!  But how long does it take to lose enough weight to be satisfied with yourself?  One year?  Two years?  How much have your children changed in that time?  Do you think they would prefer no pictures with you compared with a picture of you where you do not like yourself?

Family with two young boys throw leaves up into the air with smiles

Another one I hear is that people will get pictures with their family when they can afford it.  Trust me- I understand this one!  Let’s be real, professional photography is a luxury.  It is like getting your nails done.  It isn’t necessary, but you WANT to.  So what are you paying for?  Memories!  This is your way of being able to go back in time.  It is the ability to see your family how it was in that moment.

Why not make this year the year that you take pictures with your family?  A couple things to note!  For one, a photographer’s whole point is to try to make you look the best that you can.  We like you to enjoy the experience and enjoy the end result!  A second thing to remember that we are always hardest on ourselves.  Your kids don’t care that you have some extra junk in the trunk if you don’t show that you care either!  They just want visual reminders of you with them when they were younger (and usually even older!).  How many times have you looked for pictures of your parents or grandparents?  How many do you have of you with them?  Sometimes we have lots and love it!  Sometimes we have very little and wish we had more.  Don’t let these days pass you by without capturing them!

Boy and girl walk away on path with fall leaves all over

Lastly, you will always love to have pictures of your family!  They will never be the same as they are at this moment.  Why not capture it to keep forever?  My family and I have been taking pictures every year around the same time for my whole life.  We have a whole wall of watching us grow up together.  I love looking back on all of them and seeing our family grow!  I can remember each time we did them and the day surrounding it.  We have funny stories to look back on.  And after over 20 years of all of us doing them together, we have become very good at posing ourselves and being camera ready!  Make it a family tradition to do this every year and watch to see as your family grows older together.

The family session is a time where your whole family is together for the sole purpose of being together (and have pictures to document it!).  They can be fun and interactive and can be a great time.  Don’t stress too much on making sure everyone looks perfect!  Just come and enjoy the time you are together.

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